I am selling my Sinner Mango classic #137 . I absolutely love riding this machine. It crazy fast, weather proof, comfy, and very attention getting. I just have come to the conclusion I am too big for it (phat)and  I have a couple of trike projects I am thinking doing. The Velo is great for commuting and really going fast.

Yellow Mango Classic for Sale #137
24 speed
Upgrades: Risse Rear Shock,
                   Newer style seat,
                   T-Cycle Idler
70 ml Drum Brakes
Original 6 V battery system with Dinotte plugs
               (extra 4400 mah Dinotte battery included)
Original Lighting package,
             with added Dinotte rear light
              and Front Dinotte Amber, USB port,
Bontrager w/cadence odometer
Daytec sound system and tweeters
               with 4400 mah Lipo battery and charger
extra set of front rims,
shock pump,
Sinner Hood
kayak cover
Flevo Roof with new lexan windscreen,
Large and small wind VIzors
Wheel covers for the front wheels
3M paint protection on scuffable areas including under underneath6,000+/- km has some scratches on bottom and a couple of spider cracks in Gel coat (Gawkers pressing on the shell)


Asking $6000 US plus shipping, OBO

Contact us here at Renu cycle for more info if you are interested.

Last week we had the opportunity to have a booth and speak at the Medichair Education day.  The host (Medichair) did a registration count and we addressed 224 occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and funding agencies. Plus there was WCB, AADL, Easter Seals, Children’s Ability, MS society, Alzheimer's, Cerebreal Palsy society and a few other like agencies in attendance.

speak medichair 2

I gave 15 minute presentation that included a few videos about the benefits of recumbent trikes for people with special needs, Including a clip from this Video of a young guy with Cerebral Palsy:

That clip really impressed them.

It really worked out well as the previous speaker really emphasized the role of exercise for those with special needs like Alzheimer's. Exercise really seems to postpone the advance of several of these disorders. What a lead in!  We are all about exercise! Of all the booths and speakers, only myself and another individual and our booths promoted ways for exercise.

speak medichair
It seemed that a majority of the therapists and agencies stopped by our booth for info and brief test ride or sit on. We gave out all the Terra Trike (total over 125) and ICE brochures we had  at our booth during the breaks during the day

. medichair booth 2 medichair booth 1

Several of them have their own in house groups that we said we could come to them for a brief session and for their staff, clients, etc. to test ride a couple of ours demos.

Terra Trike had a slogan that says: We Are Part of the Solution. But if you don’t know we are out there…
Most of these Therapist's didn’t even know trikes like this existed until last week. Now they do.  Now the FUN part begins  - Follow up!

Introducing the Terra Trike Traveler!

We finally brought in a Traveler for a someone looking to travel or transport quite a bit and wanted a trike to fold up small enough to put into a bag and take on a plane. The Traveller is based on a Rambler design but folds to become one of the smallest folded trike on the market.

Great seating position, direct steering and gearing options from 8 to 27 speeds, its a great ride. Check it out:

This trike will only in in the shop for a few days, the new owner is coming to pick it up soon!

Interested in one?  Contact us!

Come and see the new Terra Trike Demo we have in for you to try,we just finished building it!

Its a Nice Blue Internal geared trike that is so easy to Ride! Its no wonder why its the Best selling trike in the world!

Its a great entry level trike, fanastic for riding around the hood , getting exercise, improving fitness. Great for back issues, balance problems. If you want to ride with comfort and have fun, this a trike worth considering!


It's loaded with options:
Rear Rack,
locking grenade pins,
Seat foam wedge,
Lumbar support ,
Seat back bag,
Disk brakes,
Versa helping bars,
Rear Fender,
Rear view Mirror,
Rear blinking light.

Come in and take it for a spin!

Christmas is Coming! Winking smile

We  have a ICE Trike Sprint 26 Demo for sale at another great deal:

wouters sprint 

2015-09-01 16.20.24

ICE Sprint with 26 "rear wheel
11-34 rear cassette
30-42-52 front chain rings
Shimano bar end shifter upgrade
Low Maintenance 70 mm DRUM Brakes
Neck rest
Neck rest light mount
Chain Guard
Kojack Tires
Fenders- front and Rear
Rear Rack
Side Bar and Bag
Mirrors & mounts on Both sides
Computer sensor mount
front light mount

Full 10 year Warranty, etc.

Tuned and prettied up when sold.

We ride them to Demo them (it really is the best way to promote them) and let our customers take them for a spin.

It's again getting close to be mile'd out so we offer them to our clients for a steal of a deal so we can get the newest models in to demo.

Call if you are interested for the best ICE Trike Sprint deal in Canada