What is the Copenhagen Wheel? Check out the Video

For an average Commuter or recreational cyclist the Copenhagen Wheel is hands down the simplest way to power your ride. I Have been following the product since it was first started a couple of years ago. Last week while at the RCC in Phillidelphia, I test rode one. WHAT A BLAST! Smooth, easy, Fast and Fun!

it goes on almost any Bike  or Recumbent or trike!

YES Your Current Bike,

Just remove the rear wheel, add the Copehagen wheel, Set up the App on your Android or IOS smart phone and Wal-la You are a SUPER PEDESTRIAN! or you can buy a whole bike; see the superpedrestrain web site for more info.

Did you know that this unit will work fine down to -10 F or -23C. WOW That great for us who live and ride in the great White North!

We have a basic a web page up with a few more videos for now, Your best information source  will be the Superpedestrian web site: https://content.superpedestrian.com/the-copenhagen-wheel or contact us here at Renu Cycle.
Call and or check out the website for more info.
Contact us to Line up a Free test ride on a Bike or Trike for when our demo unit arrives within the next couple of weeks.

But i can already hear a special Christmas tune  - All I want for Christmas is ...
a Copenhagen Wheel !!

We wanted to share our latest build. A new ICE Adventure Heavy Duty trike. Its got full suspension , front and back. The widest seat on the market, which makes it super comfy. We also installed 22 unique features to this one. A DD3 dual drive rear hub; with an 11 - 34 rear 9 speed cassette and an TSDZ2 Electric  Assist motor in the front bottom bracket.  The Dd3 rear hub has 3 gears inside the hub. Combined with the 9 speed cassette it gives the rider 27 gears to power along with the TSDZ2 motor. Lots speed and options for climbing. This combo allows a rider to ride faster with the same effort; levels out the hills and allows you to ride further and faster. So a person can ride with the faster riders. Not be left behind.  Be more relaxed and refreshed when the ride is done.   Combined with  the ADV HD  Full suspension, its so comfortable!!!

Take a look at the trike.

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For more info contact us.  We have trikes for most kinds of riders. From beginners, advanced riders; to special needs, balance issues, etc. .

Update Fri 1 pm

Looks like we have to call off the Ride this Saturday in Calgary. The highway from Edmonton to Calgary has been hit with a massive snow storm. Not going to make it tome friends sons wedding either. 🙁
Sorry Guys Lets hook up in the Spring!


Hi Everyone
Well it looks like the weather is going to co operate a bit. So We are going to Meet this Saturday OCT 15 at Edworthy Park to ride the path along the Bow River and into downtown and beyond. Let hook up around 11:00 am . It should be warmed up a bit. There is a parking lot right on the Bow River trial: Bowness Road & Shaganappi Trail. A Small Coffee Shop is there Called "Angels Cappuccino Bar"

Please tell a couple of Friends and let ride the afternoon away. Please post a reply if you can make it.
Larry H



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With Cellphones its really easy to post a quick video or interesting trike related article for you to glance at while on the go or have a quiet moment.

We will be using face book more and more to post new photos, ride events, ride get togethers,. So you have new ways to see what Renu Cycle is doing!

See ya there!

Here is a photo of our latest demo: An ICE Sprint 26RS.

Come down for a ride Can you Say ZOOM ZOOM!

Here is a great Free service (They Welcome donations) to help secure your piece of mind for your Bike safety. We at Renu Cycle will be registering all the trikes sold to our clients from now on.


Bike theft is a huge problem and we would like for you have your ride without any surprises . Bike Index is a good way to help you recover your trike if it s ever stolen. By listing your trike, adding serial numbers, photos, etc.. it just helps your identify your bike to the authorities when they find it.

Check it out and enter your ride, for piece of mind.