HP Velotechnic Trikes

We now offer a great mid range to high end trike for you to explore your neighborhood or go on that epic adventure.
HP Velotechnic has a full range of 2 and 3 wheel recumbents. The Gekko and Scorpion trikes are fantastic  touring and recreational rides. Check out what they have to offer and what we can get you!

Initially we will have a Demo Gekko 26 FX on hand for you test ride and get a good feel for HPV's quality and ride. The U.S. Gekko is a great value for a fun, folding, quick trike. HPV has added a set of north American only versions of the Gekko and Gekko FX. (all other models are built and shipped from Germany). These stocked in the U.S. line of trikes will vastly improve availability and price.

Exclusive offers for North American Market
Gekko 26, Gekko FX 20 and Gekko FX 26 in a Sport or Performance setup

Smiles for everyonean all new model and two updated ones join the US Gekko family. These three models not only combine HP Velotechnik quality with an attractive price, but also give you two feature-packed setup levels to choose from. To top it all off and set you smiling and riding as soon as possible, we keep these US models ready for immediate shipping from our US warehouse.
     Two configurations. were carefully selected to meet the specific preferences of American recumbent enthusiasts. You can choose between sport-oriented and performance-driven components for all US Gekkos. Click here to see the configurations.
     No compromise on your safety: The setups consist of proven components at a high value-for-money ratio. For maximum control both Sport and Performance configuration come with powerful hydraulic disc brakes!

(HPV US model Trikes Are Imported from China Via the U.S.A. and are Priced in U.S. Dollars.
U.S $ to CDN $ Conversion + 13% Import Duty + Shipping and G.S.T. Are Added at time of Sale.)

Highest pleasure even with low budget:
Gekko 26 - a new entry to the trike world of HP Velotechnik

The all new Gekko 26Gekko 26 US lime greenOur latest family member opens up a new entry level to our range of trikes. The Gekko 26 performance provides an enjoyable ride as with all our recumbents – plus an even easier access thanks to a slightly raised seat position, and all that for an attractive starting price.

 The rigid non-folding frame of the Gekko 26 allows the highest payload of all our Gekkos. You can save weight and money with this model, if folding your trike is not an essential feature for you. And yet, already the Gekko 26 offers you an impressive riding experience.
     (Please note that this offer is only available in the USA & Canada and comes with a selected accessory choice. If you want to fully customize your Gekko fx 20, please consult the product pages on our regular model)

From minimum size to maximum riding pleasure in a glimpse
Gekko FX 20 - a trike that speeds up not only your heart rate

The compact Gekko fx 20 also shows its strengths in the US version: A very agile ride and a narrow turning circle combined with extraordinary small folding dimensions.

 With impressively stable road holding, elicit maximum riding fun from every bend on your road. But you cut a good figure on the Gekko fx 20 even at a leisurely pace!

This tricycle remarkably unfolds into a good deal of triking pleasure. To enable you to carry the Gekko fx 20 and 26 quite compactly wherever you'd like to go, the engineers at HP Velotechnik have equipped the nimble touring trike with an amazingly fast, easy-to-operate, sophisticated folding system. Within just ten seconds you will be ready to ride.

  (Please note that this offer is only available in the USA & Canada and comes with a selected accessory choice. If you want to fully customize your Gekko fx 20, please consult the product pages on our regular model)

Big wheels for great fun
Gekko FX 26 - Speed-trike with racy look-   Current Shop Demo

With its dynamic 26" rear wheel, the US version of our Gekko fx 26 is longing to explore the great trails between east and west coast – either in the Sport or Performance configuration.

The driving dynamic of a 26 inch wheel in the trikes tail is unique. Whoever has discovered that once will not miss out this experience in the future. "Size matters" is what the experts call this fact. Nevertheless our "Big Wheeler" from the entry-level remains highly handily: When folding the trike no part has to be dismantled. That means, your three-wheeled speedster is folded in roundabout 10 seconds and fits in almost any car trunk!
(Please note that this offer is only available in the USA & Canada and comes with a selected accessory choice. If you want to fully customize your Gekko fx 20, please consult the product pages on our regular model)

Check out the rest of HP Velotechnics offerings on their web site by clicking on the appropriate picture.

We can supply you with any one of these highly configurable trikes and bikes built in Germany for your own unique personal ride

(The Following Configurable HPV Trikes Are Imported from Germany and are Priced in Euro Dollars. Euro $ to CDN $ Conversion + Shipping and G.S.T. Are Added at time of Sale.)

.Gekko fx Logo
fastest folding trike for any ride   a nimble, foldable all round trike

Gekko fx recumbent trike

Gekko fx 26 Logo
Long wheelbase, dynamic performance       a brisk, foldable touring trike
Gekko fx 26 recumbent trike

Gekko fxs Logo
Grows with your needs    a great trike for short people
Gekko fxs recumbent trike

Fahrvergnügen on 3 wheels   a superlative touring trike

Scorpion trike

Scorpion fx LogoRides g
reat. Folds fast  a foldable touring trike
Scorpion fx - foldable touring trike

Scorpion fs Logo
full suspension foldable  action trike

Scorpion fs - full suspension trike

Scorpion fs Logo
Optimally smooth Ride   The full-suspension Speed-Trike
Scorpion fs 26 - The full-suspension Speed-Trike

Scorpion fs Logo
Ready for new experiences?  The nippy Offroad-Trike

Scorpion fs 26 Enduro - The nippy Offroad-Trike

Scorpion fs Logo
The Art of High-speed biking   The E-Trike up to 45 km/h

Scorpion fs 26 S-Pedelec - The E-Trike up to 45 km/h

Scorpion plus 20 Logo
Upright and compact
The full-suspension trike for daily use
Scorpion plus 20 recumbent trike

Scorpion plus 20 Logo
Higher, wider, more comfortable!
The full-suspension SUV-Trike
Scorpion plus 26 Liegerad Dreirad

Comfort- & ability accessories
Mobility for all!
Accessories for special needs
Comfort- & ability accessories

GrassHopper fx
fast and comfortable
foldable touring recumbent
GrassHopper fx

Street Machine Gte
going for the long haul?
long distance tourer
Street Machine Gte

Lower. Faster. Further.
Race recumbent!

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