Telling it like it is to Edmonton Therapists

Last week we had the opportunity to have a booth and speak at the Medichair Education day.  The host (Medichair) did a registration count and we addressed 224 occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and funding agencies. Plus there was WCB, AADL, Easter Seals, Children’s Ability, MS society, Alzheimer's, Cerebreal Palsy society and a few other like agencies in attendance.

speak medichair 2

I gave 15 minute presentation that included a few videos about the benefits of recumbent trikes for people with special needs, Including a clip from this Video of a young guy with Cerebral Palsy:

That clip really impressed them.

It really worked out well as the previous speaker really emphasized the role of exercise for those with special needs like Alzheimer's. Exercise really seems to postpone the advance of several of these disorders. What a lead in!  We are all about exercise! Of all the booths and speakers, only myself and another individual and our booths promoted ways for exercise.

speak medichair
It seemed that a majority of the therapists and agencies stopped by our booth for info and brief test ride or sit on. We gave out all the Terra Trike (total over 125) and ICE brochures we had  at our booth during the breaks during the day

. medichair booth 2 medichair booth 1

Several of them have their own in house groups that we said we could come to them for a brief session and for their staff, clients, etc. to test ride a couple of ours demos.

Terra Trike had a slogan that says: We Are Part of the Solution. But if you don’t know we are out there…
Most of these Therapist's didn’t even know trikes like this existed until last week. Now they do.  Now the FUN part begins  - Follow up!