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We wanted to share our latest build. A new ICE Adventure Heavy Duty trike. Its got full suspension , front and back. The widest seat on the market, which makes it super comfy. We also installed 22 unique features to this one. A DD3 dual drive rear hub; with an 11 - 34 rear 9 speed cassette and an TSDZ2 Electric  Assist motor in the front bottom bracket.  The Dd3 rear hub has 3 gears inside the hub. Combined with the 9 speed cassette it gives the rider 27 gears to power along with the TSDZ2 motor. Lots speed and options for climbing. This combo allows a rider to ride faster with the same effort; levels out the hills and allows you to ride further and faster. So a person can ride with the faster riders. Not be left behind.  Be more relaxed and refreshed when the ride is done.   Combined with  the ADV HD  Full suspension, its so comfortable!!!

Take a look at the trike.

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For more info contact us.  We have trikes for most kinds of riders. From beginners, advanced riders; to special needs, balance issues, etc. .

We have a good supply of the  Max saddle bags in now. Smokey Mtn saddle bags are great for all the extra stuff you may need on a good day long ride,. Easy on and off, so if you go in for coffee or a longer break you can just take them with you. Not big but not tiny . They will hold snacks, a jacket, extra tools, water, etc. The were voted the 2014 Accessory of the Year on Bentrideronline. Here is Larry V’s review of the bag.


Wouter and use them all the time; I have sot out several bags over the past few years to match the type of weekly riding I do and these bags are my best find yet. We  have several in Black just call or email us for yours!