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Okay , SO now its November with snow threatening next week. Looking at all the trike posts for the last month … aw, what posts?  Ooops it seems like I have been on Face book way to much and have been doing updates there. Sorry. You can check out the Renu Cycle and Larry Hager face book pages for updates. But to review.

Well, because of my trip to the Recumbent Cycle Con in Chicago and the trip after to Grand Rapids for the Terra Trike Dealer Day I did not get a lot of cycling in. I did some loops on the test track and a nice 10km ride in downtown Grand Rapids 2014-10-13 10.56.05
but other than that, 27 km total for OCT. Shameful, I know.

SO How was RCC and the TT Dealer Day!
I had a blast! Like a kid in a candy store!

I rode a lot of trikes and bikes at RCC. Some I really enjoyed others, well they were a bit of a challenge, like the front wheels drive bikes from Cruzbikes. Here we go:
(you can click on the photo to make them bigger)

Ti Trike

- all titanium , made for those with special needs, ie.: higher seat, very adjustable, Hand crank option, e- assist, wheel chair seat compatible. One of the best steering trike available. We can order them, call if interested.

2014-10-10 13.13.43

T- Cycle Accessories
Pat from T- Cycle Accessories showing off the new e-assist battery mount for non folding ICE trikes and almost all other trikes on the market. Keeps the battery low and tucked away so you can use your rack for other stuff. – Call if interested we can order it in.

2014-10-10 09.39.48 2014-10-10 09.40.16

Catrike was there showing Off their line including the New 559. Sort of a 26” rear tire hybrid tween the Villager and Expedition  Very nice trike. Had the new seat pad that makes for a very comfy ride. Folds too for easier transportation

2014-10-10 14.54.19
Wouter trying Cat Trike 559

Trident Trikes
Their new Folder, nice Lil’ trike that folds quite small. We are listed as Trident Dealer so if you are interested….

2014-10-11 16.28.49
Trident trike new folding trike

I was very impressed with their comfort and ride on a couple of Linear Bikes.

2014-10-12 10.44.03-2
Linear recumbent trike sorry not a trike

Green Speed
had this prototype fast low rider, What hoot, tank type steering, and a bit of a struggle getting off it.way too low. (for me)

2014-10-11 13.37.24
Greenspeed trike prototype fast mini

JB Imports
had their new TT ROVER Clone. ( can you say rip o…..)
Not bad but Terra Trike Rover is  a better trike  for a compatible price (IMO)

2014-10-12 10.59.43
JB Import Trike prototype- Rover Trike Clone


2014-10-10 15.49.51
ICe Trike Full Fat Trike
2014-10-12 10.44.40
Pat from Terra Cycle on ICE full Fat Trike

ICE Trikes
The darlin’s at the show; The ICE booth was consistently empty of trikes to ride during the days we were there. Obviously the new 26” suspension and the Full Fat were very popular. The Most popular trike at the show by far, was the ICE Full Fat with
Surley 4.? tires. Great if you ride a lot of snow or sand. IMO itReally needs an e-assist to be practical. Those big tires are heavy and harder to push around, but for the short rides everyone was takin’ it was a blast!

Plus ICE unveiled thier NEW Rear 26” Suspended Trikes. Oh my, very nice ride, beats the 20 suspended by a huge margin.

2014-10-10 15.42.11
ICE Trikes - Adventure HD 26" suspended trike
2014-10-12 10.02.32
ICE Trike 26" trike rear suspension
2014-10-12 10.02.14
ICE Trike 26" trike rear suspension
2014-10-12 10.04.54
Lovin ICE trike too much

Okay I guess you can tell it like ICE maybe to much?

YES the rear ends will fit on most current ICE trikes and YES they will offer them as a upgrade later in the new year. Call us if you interested.

I rode a few other trikes like the E2 folder, a couple of HP Velotechnic trikes; lightning, Tridents and others. We renewed Acquaintances and had a blast talking and riding. Great time I must say! Smile

Terra Trike Dealer  day
We rented a car and Drove through Chicago for a 4 hour trip to Grand Rapids. Nice Scenery, bit flat and a lot of  trees.

Saw the headquarters, got the annual Hooray for us presentations, saw some of the new stuff coming and met some wonderful people. I am really happy to be part of the Terra Trike group of dealers. They are spot on regarding their market and the affordable products they make. As the New Stuff rolls out this spring like the Traveler, New Rover External 8 and other models, and an New updated Rambler; plus some neat accessories. We will highlight them here. Check out the photos below and Stay tuned and drop by often to see What’s New at Renu!