We are now dealers for HP Velotechnik Trikes and bikes!

We now offer a great mid range to high end trike for you to explore your neighborhood or go on that epic adventure.
HP Velotechnic has a full range of 2 and 3 wheel recumbents. The Gekko and Scorpion trikes are fantastic  touring and recreational rides. Check out what they have to offer and what we can get you!   http://www.hpvelotechnik.com/produkte/index_e.html
Initially we will have a Demo Gekko 26 FX on hand for you test ride and get a good feel for HPV's quality and ride. The U.S. Gekko is a great value for a fun, folding, quick trike. HPV has added a set of north American only versions of the Gekko and Gekko FX. (all other models are built and shipped from Germany). These stocked in the U.S. line of trikes will vastly improve availability and price.

Check out the Gekko FX video then call us for a test ride!

Check our HPV Page (under construction) or call us for details