One of the ways to keep in touch with us is by freinding our Face book page


With Cellphones its really easy to post a quick video or interesting trike related article for you to glance at while on the go or have a quiet moment.

We will be using face book more and more to post new photos, ride events, ride get togethers,. So you have new ways to see what Renu Cycle is doing!

See ya there!

Here is a photo of our latest demo: An ICE Sprint 26RS.

Come down for a ride Can you Say ZOOM ZOOM!

Here is a great Free service (They Welcome donations) to help secure your piece of mind for your Bike safety. We at Renu Cycle will be registering all the trikes sold to our clients from now on.


Bike theft is a huge problem and we would like for you have your ride without any surprises . Bike Index is a good way to help you recover your trike if it s ever stolen. By listing your trike, adding serial numbers, photos, etc.. it just helps your identify your bike to the authorities when they find it.

Check it out and enter your ride, for piece of mind.


Its been a good summer with lots trike sold and  alot of fun rides. THis past week I was interviewed and featured on The Laidback Bike Report. An online Streaming show that focuses on Recumbents . Gary Solomon put out a call for a new segment about people with interesting recumbents. SO I responded and somehow got the first interview. Please sit back and enjoy the show.

4th in a series on why ride recumbents. It's A great video of testmonials on how recumbent trikes and bikes significantly enhance the lives of people with special needs. (It brought a wee small tear to me eye)
Hearing these testimonies and seeing how trikes enhance our clients lives is one of the main reasons we are in the business of promoting and selling trikes.

Video from Steve Erickson , Phil Allen;  sponsored by both Catrike and Easy Street Recumbents of Austin, Texas.